Letters from Khunta, 2022
Projected video performance, Touchdesigner programmed visuals, handwritten letters cyanotyped onto muslin, beeswax, candles, milk crate, dried flowers and glass vase
Letters from Khunta explores cycles of grief, the fluidity of memory and semiotic markers of time and change. In the wake of my Grandfather’s death, I found myself continuing to activate and participate in our relationship despite his physical absence. Through acts of collective remembering, religious death rituals, and revisiting his handwritten letters my conception of him has become wider, has changed and continues to transform. With this piece I am considering how objects of mourning both hold and help us access memory. How does an object’s materiality, or proxy to others, inform the ongoing process of remembering and re-concieving of a loved one? How do objects open up space to observe the blurring dichotomies life/death and presence/absence?

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